Repairing Water Leakages And Water Leakage Detection

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6) Carry out routine checks on the taps and fittings for water leaks. A dripping tap ceramic cartridge can be an annoyance and cost you litres of water in the long run. Recycle the grey water to water your lawns and gardens.


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Four or six AA size batteries of 1.5 volts joined in a pack make the power source. This pack needs to be placed anywhere under the counter. It is though recommended to put it as close as possible to the floor. The best option is to lay the pack down on the floor and have 2 inches of clear space around it, except the floor itself.

I have some other green, and money saving tips that will help you out, you can check here to see them also. Once you start doing all these simple things for your family to be greener you will not only feel good, but be amazed at the money you save.

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