Essentials Of Chimney Cleaning

Chimney repair can be expensive and quite disruptive to your life. However there’s one simple way homeowners can reduce the necessity of repairs — taking care of preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance, including cleaning, can help keep your chimney in great working condition and reduce the risk of fires.

chimney repair cost estimate work depends on the chimney type, which can be brick or stone. In the case of brick chimneys the main problem is leaks. This can be corrected by applying clear silane siloxane water repellent to the bricks. This water repellent allows water vapor to escape and keeps the liquid away from entering the brick. In stone chimneys, leaks are repaired through the application of mortar using a Mortar hawk or pointing trowel.

Vent hoods are generally built-in and are wired directly into your household wiring. They basically consist of a fan and sometimes a light housed in a metal or glass shroud. The shroud is a deterrent to the spread of a stovetop fire in addition to helping to collect cooking fumes.

Always maintain a good air supply in the fireplace. Poor air supply aids in the formation of creosote. By fully opening the fireplace damper, you can improve air flow. When the fire is burning, you must leave the glass doors open so that there is enough of air supply for the fire.

There will be gifts to wrap, cards to sign, decorations to put up, and cookies to make. A good workspace will be needed for these activities. Whatever space you choose, make it a rule to keep this area clean until the holidays are over.

In either case, a blocked flue is a repair you definitely should not postpone making. The flue is responsible for transporting harmful gases, smoke, and heat from your home. You definitely would not want these substances to start accumulating inside your home because of a blocked flue.


If the climate you live in is a harsh winter environment, and you need a heavy duty snow blower change the oil, and check the air filter, and spark plugs following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Identifying and fixing chimney leaks will help protect your family from potential carbon monoxide leaks and fires. Therefore, taking the time to know what signs to look for and to perform annual inspections on your chimney will pay you back with security and peace of mind.

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