Moist Proofing Solutions

Imagine this if you can, waters spraying out of your sink, on to your brand-new television and entertainment center. You just walked in the door from a hard day at work and you’re now standing in 2 inches of water. What do you do and who you call?

Moisture can also be drawn from the structure of the building from below the floor or the walls/ceilings into the air. Problems with the structure of the building due to its’ method of original construction or as a result of structural failures can mean that its moisture content is unnecessarily high.

Try to avoid buying used razors. Vintage razors may have the allure of nostalgia and ooze hip and coolness; however the edge may not be what it used to be. If a blade has been improperly sharpened throughout the years, it can have an irregular shape that will not conform to your face. And small, even microscopic nick in the blade will be felt on your face. A flawless blade is an absolute must.

This is when the mould problems started. The damp and mold was located low down in a bedroom on one particular wall but then started to spread. My initial concerns were that the property was suffering from rising damp. I got a building surveyor to check out the problem.

One of the ways to alleviate stress is to take care of all the little home repair headaches that crop up. A leaking sprinkler, a door that doesn’t close properly and an electrical fixture that doesn’t go on can be bothersome. One of the sponsors of the Dream Backyard, Randy Mate (known as Randy the Handyman and for New Castle Remodeling, Inc.), says, “Fixing or improving a home can go a long way toward improving a homeowner’s peace of mind.” These little aggravations actually add up and darken one’s day to some degree. Handling them frees up attention that can be otherwise used to enjoy life. Who needs the stress at home?

Intensity of occupation. One objective of any landlord is to maximise their rental income. This can often be achieved by letting to a number of sharers. In my case the numbers of people living in the property doubled. This means twice the amount of moisture was coming from breathing, showering, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Mask the edges of the tiles around the working space, as ceramic tile has a surface that is vulnerable to chipping and scratching. For this, you will use the prepared masking tape. Take your utility knife or grout saw and remove the old grout with it. Be careful not to cut into the surface of the wall. Knowing that tile is usually 1/4″ or less could be useful information. When the seams have no more old grout in them, start mixing the new grout following the directions found on the package. The masking tape can now be removed and the grout applied where it is supposed to. For smoothing it you need nothing but your finger. After filling the seams, wipe away the grout that spread on the surrounding tiles using a damp sponge. When the grout becomes dry, seal it with grout sealer.

Ventilation and insulation. Check all windows regularly to ensure any fanlights open as required. Old wood-framed sash windows particularly can be inclined to stick and remain permanently shut. Ensure sufficient ventilation particularly in kitchen and bathroom areas where warm, moist air has to be regularly removed to prevent condensation. Check any gas flues for blockages.

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